COVID Policy
safety is our number one priority

At Philema Food Tours, we strongly believe our guests as well as our employees and associates should be first and foremost, protected. Inextricable to this belief of ours is the effort to deliver meaningful experiences for our guests, in a safe and comfortable environment. We take pride in ensuring our guests enjoy the experience of their choice while feeling safe and protected at all times.

We are carefully following all health precautions as issued by the Greek authorities, as well as by international health organizations, to make sure all measures to prevent the spread of covid-19 are applied.

We have modified our operational model to ensure our staff and guests are safe at all times, without compromising the uniqueness of the provided experience.

- In order to increase the feeling of safety for our guests and staff, our semi-private tours are not available this season. We only provide private tours, until further notice.

- The use of protective masks is mandatory throughout the duration of the tours and special events. In order to also protect our associates, a lot of which are in the high-risk category, most of our experiences are provided in open space and guests are advised to keep a distance.

- Prior to picking up our guests from their accommodation, our driver, escort and guests are to sanitize their hands, wear a protective mask and have their temperature measured before boarding the vehicle. Hand sanitizing is mandatory before every stop in the tour.

- In accordance with the directive of Greek authorities, the maximum number of passengers in our 9-seater vehicles is 5 plus the driver, with exceptions only in the case of families.

- The vehicles used for the tours are thoroughly ventilated and disinfected with antiseptic cleaners before and after the tours.

- Payments are held according to strict protocols applied by our employees (use of mask, gloves, disinfection of POS devices).

- Guests must carry their identification documents in case of any control by local authorities.

- Guests are advised to immediately inform their escort in case they feel sick.

- Our associates disinfect all common areas prior to our arrival in their premises. They also have to wear a protective mask at all times and have hand sanitizers available for guests.

- In order to protect our guests, Philema Food Tours reserves the right to cancel an entire tour or suggest a last-minute alternative to a specific visit in the case some of our associates are feeling sick.