frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to eat before going on one of Philema’s tours?

A: Please don’t! Rich portions of homemade food are offered in all of our tours. We promise not to let you go hungry! Plus, you know how Greek moms get when you don’t eat their food…!

Q: Will there be any other costs I need to know about during the tour?

A: No. All food and drinks, transportation (*except for the MUNCH AROUND NAXOS TOWN walking food tour), guiding services are all included in the price. Gratuities and personal expenses such as souvenirs purchases along the way are covered at your own expense.

Q: Do I need any special equipment?

A: Nope! Just be sure to wear comfy clothes and shoes, perhaps a sun hat and some sunscreen and you’re good to go!

Q: Where is the meeting point?

A: No need to worry about that as we will be picking you up from your accommodation’s doorstep on the agreed time. The MUNCH AROUND NAXOS TOWN walking food tour is the only one that doesn’t include transport. In that case, the meeting point is at the port bus station.

Q: Is pick-up and drop-off included in the tour?

A: Yes. We will pick you up from your hotel and return you there when the tour is over.

Q: Will the driver also be serving as our guide?

A: No! We provide a local guide to inform you of all the historical facts along the way and to help you communicate with the locals you will be visiting, so that our driver can focus on driving along the curvy roads of Naxos.

Q: I am allergic/vegan/gluten free/lactose intolerant, etc. Do I need to inform my tour planner in advance?

A: Please do so! We can modify our selections of offered food to accommodate all dietary restrictions, as long as we know beforehand.

Q: I would like to go on one of your tours but even though I find most stops interesting, there are a few stops in my tour of choice that I don’t care for. Would it be possible to adapt the schedule to match my personal preferences?

A: Definitely! Special requests like this fall under the CUSTOMIZED TOURS category.

Customizing the tour to fit your personal interests is what we enjoy the most!

Let’s say you would go for the CHEESE AND WINE TRAILS tour but you are lactose intolerant and can’t eat cheese. You could substitute the cheese home visit with some of our other options (such as the olive press? Naxos Town? a quaint village?) and still visit the vineyard to enjoy the wine tasting.

Please email us, explaining your ideal itinerary and we will try our best to suggest a tailor-made experience that will make you remember Naxos forever!

Q: Even though I am interested in a food tour, I have very little time available to see Naxos and my tour with Philema Food Tours is the only one I will be taking. So I would like to see more of Naxos and learn more about its history during my tour. Do you offer such a comprehensive experience?

A: Yes! Our full day tours are made exactly for cases like this. You can go for one of our fixed full day tours (such as the CHEESE – WINE AND HIGHLIGHTS or the NORTHERN BEAUTY – WILD AND DELICIOUS tours, or email us and customize your own) and enjoy a food tour that will also take you further up on the mountains, through archaeological sites, quaint villages, magnificent landscapes and much more that you wouldn’t have seen in a half day itinerary. If you are looking for a more inclusive experience, these tours are just for you, combining food and culture in equal portions!

Q: I would love to go on a full day tour but feel it’s too long.

A: Trust us, it’s not! You will see for yourself that Naxos is a big island and if you add traffic during summer months, you will find that going from point A to point B can take a fair amount of time! Moreover, we like not to rush our guests when they are particularly enjoying a specific visit and time can go by so fast when you are having a great time! Naxos has such diversity and so much to offer and an 8hour itinerary can only cover so much. We promise that by the end of the tour you will be wondering how fast time flew by!