Special Events
unique occasions
Full Moon Wine and Dine at the Vineyard

A unique opportunity to enjoy a relaxing moonlit dinner and wine tasting in a family vineyard, just 10 minutes away from the buzz of Naxos Town.

After being transferred to the vineyard and welcomed by the family of winemakers, you’ll learn everything about the methods of wine production in Greece and the Aegean Sea in an afternoon vineyard tour led by the owner, a certified oenologist.

With a glass of refreshing sparkling wine in your hand, he will take you for a walk around his dear vines, to discuss particularities of terroir and indigenous varieties in the island of Dionysus, the God of wine.

With your heads full of new-found knowledge you’ll then sit down for an informative and delicious food and wine pairing session. At each serving you will be presented with facts and stories about the products you taste. Enjoy a rich dinner with Naxian signature dishes, while experiencing the Greek vineyard in your glass, in this tribute to local culture, gastronomy and natural wines.

Join us for an ode to the full moon, with a careful selection of 9 wines as the night’s only stars.

Please Note

- This 5 hour experience is offered on a private as well as on a per person basis.
- Dinner includes a variety of Naxian recipes: salads and starters, plateau of local cheeses, two meat main dishes and one vegetarian main dish
- Wine tasting includes a selection of 9 natural wines (organic and biodynamic, with indigenous yeast, unfiltered and SO2 free), along with one local spirit
- Bookings accepted up to 2 days prior to each event
- Maximum capacity: 10 persons (larger groups can be accommodated on a special arrangement; please email us at info@philemafoodtours.com)
- Please inform us of any particular dietary requirements
- Philema Food Tours reserves the right to cancel the event in case of poor weather conditions


- Duration: 5 hours approx.
- Main dates for 2022: May 16th, June 14th, July 13th, August 12th, September 10th & October 8th.
- In case of increased demand, the event can be repeated on the nights that precede and follow the full moon night (2022 example: May 15th and May 17th)

Included in the price

- Transportation
- Vineyard tour
- Wine tasting
- Full, traditional dinner

Wine Harvest Day

Philema Food Tours and “Tranampelo Vineyard” invite you to take part in the end of the harvest season celebration!

A unique occasion to learn about indigenous Cycladic varieties and traditional methods of wine production. A hands-on opportunity to participate in the harvesting process, suitable for wine lovers of all ages.

An all-day open bar and buffet made up with local products and recipes, as well as an afternoon live music session to close off the day!

A day full of wine, work, food and music!

Event Schedule

- Vineyard tour (9:30 – 10:00)
- Identification of indegenous varieties
- Comparison of traditional and modern viticulture methods
- Comments on pruning techniques and terroir

Open buffet with traditional music

Harvest (10:00 - 14:00)
- Vineyard preparation (cleaning of equipment - harvesting boxes and tools)
- Harvest of “Mandilaria” red grape variety
- Manual destemming and crushing of grapes using ‘Strofilia’ (traditional pressing machine)
- First measurements - grape must analyses
- Transfer of grape must to stainless steel tanks where it will be left to ferment

Lunch (14:00 - 18:00)
- Open buffet with local products and recipes
- Barbeque
- Open bar - Naxian wines and more

Concert (18:00 – 20:00)
- Local music band – folk music with a twist of swing


- Estimated at early September 2022
- Exact dates and per person pricing will be announced late August 2022

Olive Harvest Day

Another yearly event that allows guests to take part in a local tradition. A great opportunity for visitors of Naxos, especially ones particularly interested in this precious gift of nature, to participate in this rewarding experience, to learn every step of the process, to interact with locals and to feel part of the community.

Guests will firstly visit a very productive olive garden in the tiny village of Mili, where they will help the family collect this year’s olive production. The process includes laying some special nets on the ground and carefully removing the olives off the branches using special sticks. The olives are collected in sacks and then the team will transfer them in one of the five modern day olive presses on Naxos, located outside the nearby village of Melanes. The young owner of the facility who continues the family tradition will explain everything about the process to our guests. Many local producers will be there as well, waiting for their batch of olives to be crushed and trying to chat over the loud machines.

Guests will be able to witness the olive oil production, learn about quality characteristics, interact with locals and taste a lot of olive oil!

Wine, spirits and snacks are of course an inextricable part of the process as well.


- Estimated at early October 2022
- Exact dates and per person pricing will be announced late September 2022