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The following suggestions present the main body of our tours.

Here you will find some combinations of activities and itineraries that we think best cover a lot of ground, taking you to the most representative folklore and gastronomic locations.

Please keep in mind that the realization of our tours is subject to agreeable weather conditions, and most importantly, to the availability of the people opening their homes, businesses or even hearts to us.

If an option is not available for the desirable date or period, you will be presented with an alternative as soon as we receive notice of your booking.

In the event that our suggestions do not match your interests or preferences the way they are set up, you can send us an email stating how you would like the fixed tour to be modified and we will help you customize it, to make sure you get the experience you were looking for.

Food & Culture Tours
half-day tour
Cheese & Wine Trails

Our best selling experience provides a great opportunity to meet the locals, be immersed into the authentic Naxian life, make cheese, taste homemade delicacies, go on a vineyard tour, taste delicious local wines and learn about wine making in the island of Dionysus, the God of wine!

half-day tour
Olive Oil Routes

A delicious tribute to one of nature's most precious gifts, one that has been offered to the island of Naxos with abundance. Another important yet unsung reflection of the local culture.

half-day tour
Kids first

Here with the family? Looking for a kids friendly activity that your children will cherish forever? Interested in a hands-on, cheese-making experience? How about adding a pottery workshop, a generous ice cream tasting and candy shop visit to make sure they’re still interested?
In this tour your kids will literally get the first bite and we couldn’t be happier to see them smile!

half-day tour
Naxian Spirits

Care for a fun and informative tour that focuses on exploring what alcoholic goodies Naxos has to offer? Ever heard of the renowned “Kitron”? Feeling adventurous enough to taste traditional strong alcohol? Enjoy the chance to visit two century old distilleries and learn a different side of the island’s history!

half-day tour
Mainland delicacy discovery

In this sweet and salty experience you will be taken deep in Mainland Naxos and introduced to two more backbones of Naxian self-sufficiency. A delicious opportunity to be immersed in nature, meet the locals, taste their goodies and learn why they think this island is so mesmerizing!

half-day tour
The Wine Tour

To all the wine and hike lovers out there, this tour is just for you! Join this unique wine experience and enjoy the chance to tour around Naxos in the company of a highly knowledgeable, local wine maker and explore different terroirs and wine making techniques.

half-day tour
Traditional Cooking Class

A unique 4 hour traditional cooking experience that takes place in a cheese farm. Enjoy the chance to visit a young couple of farmers in their farm, located on a hilltop with great views to the sea as well as to the farming lands of southwest Naxos.

half-day tour
Munch Around Naxos Town

A pinch of history and a taste of Naxian culinary delights in a stroll around Hora’s main sites and mouthwatering locations.

full-day tour
All the Marble

Naxian marble, renowned for its excellent quality ever since the ancient times, is a huge chapter in local life and economy, shaping characters and leaving a folklore imprint that is seen and felt throughout the island.

full-day tour
Northern Beauty, Wild & Delicious

Stories untold and corners unseen. Let us help you explore the least explored and experience Greek tradition in its purest form. Discover the wild beauty of the less known but equally beautiful northern side of Naxos.

full-day tour
Cheese, Wine & Highlights

You asked, we delivered!
Our most popular experience is now offered in combination with a full day highlights tour of the mainland.

Tailor-made food tours
Interested in a bespoke foodie experience?

Would you prefer a different combination of activities than in the suggested tours?

Would you add some more locations to the fixed tour of your choice? Do you have any special requests or interests? Would you like to mix some of the offered activities together?

Let us help you create your own, personalized, all-private foodie experience based on your interests, food habits and preferences! Just send us an email and we'll work out the perfect schedule together.