Naxian Spirits
half-day tour
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Care for a fun and informative tour that focuses on exploring what alcoholic goodies Naxos has to offer? Ever heard of the renowned “Kitron”? Feeling adventurous enough to taste traditional strong alcohol? Enjoy the chance to visit two century old distilleries and learn a different side of the island’s history!

Since you are visiting Naxos, it is possible that you already know about the local liqueur of Naxos, the highly aromatic and delicate “Kitron”. A delicious product of experimentation, that has become a trademark of this island over the years, expressing a more refined side of the local production. In this tour, you will enjoy the chance to visit the establishments of the two Kitron producing families and taste their secret, century old recipes. You will be taken to a kitron tree garden, where the youngest members of the family will tell you all about the tree’s characteristics and other uses. You will be able to marvel at its huge fruits and understand why they also use it in perfumery in many parts of the world. Then, you will visit the distillation room to learn about the process, before sitting down for a private kitron tasting, accompanied by all the foods Naxian people pair it with.

Next, you will visit one more distillery, this time in the village of Halki, where the presence of the distillery has left a mark on the village’s development even to this day. This distillery has been a local highlight for decades now, and for good reason as the liqueur’s history is interlinked with the family’s past and demonstrated in the premises of this historical building. You will get to taste the secret recipe of kitron, passed down through 5 generations , and perhaps point out the differences!

Last but not least, you will visit a wine bar in the heart of Naxos Town where you will taste some more versions of traditional Greek spirits.


- Pick up and drop off at guests’ accommodation
- Local escort
- Visit to two distilleries
- Visit to a wine bar
- Tasting of kitron and spirits
- Kitron tree garden tour
- Visit to the village of Halki

Tour Information

- Duration: 4-5 hours
- Number of visits: 3
- Ideal starting time: 10:00am
- Prices include all food and drinks, guiding services, transportation, all legal taxes

Naxian Spirits - Philema Food Tours