Northern Beauty, Wild & Delicious
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Stories untold and corners unseen. Let us help you explore the least explored and experience Greek tradition in its purest form. Discover the wild beauty of the less known but equally beautiful northern side of Naxos.

On your way to the more remote part of the island, you’ll visit a renovated olive press museum where you will be given a presentation of how olive oil used to be produced before electricity and modern-day machines made the lives of producers so much easier. Having learnt about the painstaking process and appreciated this gift of nature from a new perspective, you will then be offered a wide variety of products to taste, all of them made with olive oil. You will continue towards the North and after a long and informative drive through the mountains, you’ll arrive at the idyllic village of Koronos, one of the most remote, traditional and beautiful villages of Naxos. Enjoy the chance to explore the narrow streets before you end up at a family owned tavern and coffee shop, to enjoy a local refreshment of your choice.

Ready to hit the beach? Time to drive some more through the mountains, explore the different landscapes and witness the island’s diversities. Next up is another family-owned beach tavern, this time in the scenic bay of Lionas. By the time you finish your swim in the crystal clear waters, Mister Yorgos and his wife will have the catch of the day ready and served. Far away from crowds, this secluded fishing village is the ideal setting to relax and enjoy fresh seafood while gazing at the immense blue. On your way back from the mountains, you will make a final stop in a beautiful village in order to enjoy a traditional coffee or a sweet of your choice!


- Pick up and drop off at guests’ accommodation
- Local escort
- Visit to olive press museum
- Olive oil and olive products tasting
- Presentation of the traditional extraction process
- Visit to the village of Koronos to explore and enjoy some coffee/ refreshment
- Sea food lunch in a remote fishing village
- Dive in the crystal clear waters
- Stop at the village of Halki for an afternoon coffee / refreshment / dessert

Tour Information

- Duration: 8 hours
- Number of visits: 4
- Ideal starting time: between 9:00am and 11:00am
- Prices include all food and drinks, guiding services, transportation, all legal taxes

All The Marble - Philema Food Tours