Olive Oil Routes
half-day tour
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A delicious tribute to one of nature's most precious gifts, one that has been offered to the island of Naxos with abundance. Another important reflection of the local culture.

Join us for a trip that begins at least 5.000 years ago, as the age of the oldest olive tree on Naxos suggests, back when olive oil production was a much more painstaking process and Naxians celebrated in appreciation of what nature so generously offered to them.

Provoke your senses in an idyllic olive oil tasting in the middle of an olive grove located in a tiny village, where the young and passionate owner and olive oil producer will take you for a walk in his olive garden and teach you how to evaluate different types of olive oil.

Enjoy the chance to visit one of the island’s 5 modern day presses and learn how technology evolved the same basic principles and helped raise the standards of olive oil extraction.

Visit an old, traditional olive press and try to picture it in operation just a few decades ago. Step into the facility’s tasting room and discover how interesting olive oil can taste by sampling a variety of goodies based on olive oil.


- Pick up and drop off at guests’ accommodation
- Local escort
- Olive oil tasting in olive grove
- Visit to two olive presses, one old and one modern
- Presentation of the extraction process by press owners, in the old and new press respectively

Tour Information

- Duration: 4-5 hours
- Ideal starting time: between 9.30am and 12.00am
- Prices include all food and drinks, guiding services, transportation, all legal taxes

All The Marble - Philema Food Tours